Saturday, September 3, 2011


Beaver by susanvg
Beaver, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
It is always wonderful to visit the local parks with camera in hand. My friend took me to one I had not visited before: Parc de L'île-Bizard. There is a large pond / swamp where we saw a variety of wildlife. And what a delight to watch this beaver grooming while its friend slept in the sunshine.

In the Reeds

The turtles were enjoying the warm sunshine. In some spots we could see them lined up along a log. Ducks were busy tipping upside down, finding their favourite repasts. Then they would come out of the water to preen.

Ducks on a Log

Red dragonflies flitted around, landing momentarily, but wary of the click of the camera. Spotted, but not photographed: a kingfisher, a green heron, grebes, a hawk, terns. A great blue heron stood majestically by the water, then lifted off to find a better spot to fish. Altogether a splendid walk.


  1. With such a variety of wildlife, the park must be a paradise for the visitors as well as for the critters. It is the park I'd like to stroll around leisurely. I like your photos with reflections. Have a nice week.


  2. Looks and sounds like and an absolutely delightful way to spend your time! :)

  3. A beaver sighting in daylight is a rare find, Susan - and you saw two!