Friday, January 12, 2018

Winter in Many Guises

Hanging on to the Dead Leaves

Some days are absolutely glorious. The sun shines. The temperature is at the perfect spot of being cold enough to feel crisp but not so cold that you huddle into your coat. It invigorates and puts a smile on my face.


The sun sparkles on icy surfaces.  When I was a child we used to like to break off icicles and suck on the. Now, armed with more knowledge, I shudder at the idea - the pollutants we ingested, the dirt...

Above Freezing in the Morning

And then overnight the mood changes as the temperature rose above the freezing point. Rain fell and a mist rose. A temporary winter reprieve.

In the Mist

I like the mystery of mist - the silence that seems to descend and the feeling of the unknown as vistas shrink.

Wearing a Raincoat

Even the dogs in the dog park seemed more subdued - sitting as if adjusting to this silent landscape.

Winter will be back in full force tonight. Here is the forecast (temperatures are in Celsius) :

Mother Nature plans a lot of activity for Montreal to transform, yet again, our city.


  1. I love your photos showing your changeable weather. We FINALLY got a big snow storm. We were skiing in fresh powder this morning - the first time for big powder this season. I love mist, too - but only when it's not winter! Stay snug, Susan.

  2. I enjoyed your all photos. Each photo is telling its winter story!
    Heavy snow hit Japan this year. But here in my town,snow has not come. I am desiring least one..though.