Sunday, January 7, 2018


Frost 1

We have hit a spate of frigid weather. Each morning I get a new delightful piece of art painted on my windows.

Frost 2

I have to stop and admire each detail - lines and textures, painstakingly created.

Frost 3

The sun, despite the outdoor temperature of -23°C (-10°F) is washing it all away, cleaning the canvas leaving space for a new creation tomorrow.

Frost 4

Some days it is like an icy garden, others like fairies dancing.

Frost 5

A fleeting moment of beauty.


  1. No frost on my windows, Susan. It was 50 degrees here yesterday. We sure need some winter-like weather and snow. I love the patterns frost makes on glass.

  2. Frost is such a beautiful art??!I want to try that too but there is no frost here.

  3. So beautiful those frost flowers.
    I am trying to imagine how cold on the surface of the windows is!