Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hiking in the Laurentians

Which Path

(From October 6) One path leads behind houses, the other up the mountain. We chose the path on the right - perhaps the road less travelled.

Follow the Markers

The trick is to find the marks on the trees. As you approach each mark, you should be able to see the next one.

Under the Tree

But don't just look ahead. There are many treasures hiding down low.

Remnants on the moss

This ghost of a leaf clung to the moss.

A Colony of Fungus

The trail markers were not always easy to spot. Especially when mushrooms almost obscured them...

Snaking Along

I loved the way this moss laden old tree trunk snaked along the forest floor.


From a distance this huge boulder looked like a small house. We couldn't imagine why it had been built in the middle of the woods only to discover its true identity.

Autumn's Fiery Colours

It's hard to imagine a bluer sky or more colourful leaves. We often had to stop to gawk.

Stump and Moss

And what do you see here? I pictured a nerve cell with its dendrites reaching out to make connections.

Orange Leaves

The colours change each year and each year I am enchanted by their transition.


These large fungi looked like an art installation. I loved their rhythm.


Back down at the lake the next morning we took a last look before heading home.

On Still Waters

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