Monday, October 2, 2017

Flying Over Greenland

Flying Over Greenland

On a clear day, flying over Greenland is astounding. My spouse took a couple of these photos as he had the window seat, but then I got my better camera and took a few more.

Frozen Land

It is easy to know when you are flying over mountains that they are mountains - but was that a frozen river?

Greenland Mountains

I wondered how thick the snow and ice is. The mountains led me to believe that this was not yet the huge glacier that covers so much of Greenland.


Although there are parts of Greenland along the coast that are inhabited, this looked quite inhospitable - but magnificent nonetheless.

Over a Glacier

Even from this height it was possible to see the patterns created in the ice and snow. An awe inspiring sight.


  1. Wow!!and one more wow! This is a Greenland? What a beautiful nature.
    Incredible to be able see even those patterns in the ice and snow through your camera lens. I have read several of your recent posts and enjoyed your exciting trip! Wonderful day to you!

  2. Awe-inspiring, indeed! Without the caption, I’d have mistaken the land for Iceland because no green at all.