Sunday, February 8, 2015

Flowers Indoors


I love my orchids - they keep giving back. I have 5 flowering at the moment with another just about ready to open. All were dormant for a while and have treated me to a winter garden. They seem to know I need their colour and beauty at the darkest time of year. Flower therapy!

It has been a particularly cold few weeks and the thought of taking my hands out of my gloves to take photographs is a big deterrent to outdoor shots. While I take long walks bundled in layers of clothing, my hands stay warm. As my daughter once wisely said at the age of 6, when I forgot to bring my camera to an event, "You can take pictures with your eyes." I have been on a bit of a hiatus in terms of photography and maybe that is a good thing. Vacations of one sort or another are for renewal. I certainly don't take a photography vacation when I travel so I guess when I am back in my regular routine is the perfect time for a photography vacation.


This orchid used to belong to my much older cousin who passed away over a year ago. I delight in its blooms - a symbolic visit from a cherished person. She would have delighted in its presence.


Each year I plant an amaryllis. It astounds me with its rapid growth. It is a reminder of the importance of cherishing the moment as it dazzles with its splashy colour only to fade in a few short weeks. I stop and stare, captivated by its beauty. Its bright red is an antidote to the greys outside.

New Growth

One persistent cyclamen keeps flowering. It, too, has a message. New growth is constant.

How does your garden grow?


  1. Your garden is lovely, a visual balm for grey-weary eyes! Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Your orchids are gorgeous! Mine (I now have 2) are "always" dormant - except for the very rare occasion when they bloom. I never know when it will happen. Sometimes years go by. I wish I knew your secret. Last year I grew a narcissus bulb, and it was lovely in bloom and in scent. I wasn't anyplace that sold them this winter, so I didn't have the pleasure of its company. It's sunny here today, Susan. We celebrated the twins' 12th birthday last evening. Now, everyone but 2 year old Sam is skiing.

  3. Your orchids are so lovely. The orchid you’ve taken over from your cousin looks blooming with her spirit in it. Orchids are nice with not only beauty but also long bloom But, like Barb I have difficulty to get them rebloom next season. Stay warm and enjoy these beauties until you can go out with delight.