Sunday, June 11, 2017

La Balade pour la Paix: An Open Air Art Museum

Musée des Beaux Arts

As part of the celebrations of Montreal's 375th anniversary (I know - that is a random number to celebrate), the Musée des Beaux Arts has mounted an outdoor museum, with sculpture and photographs on Sherbrooke Street stretching several blocks. The totem pole, which I wrote about here is part of this.

Dancing Nana

This sculpture, Dancing Nana, is by Niki de Saint Phalle (1930-2002), and was created in1995 according to the museum site (below). She towers over the fence around the McGill campus.


Lurking not far off is this wolf, a creation of Joe Fafard, a Canadian sculptor. I have featured some of his work before.
The Meeting

Further west on the campus is this circle of men, The Meeting, by Chinese artist Wang Shugang (born in 1960).

Human Structures

This pyramid of people is also located on the campus, somewhat obscured from my vantage point. It is called Human Structures and is by Jonathan Borofsky (born in 1942), It was created in 2010.

Outdoor Photo Gallery

There are also photographs by a variety of photographers, slowing my walk as I stop to admire and, in many cases, reflect on the subject of the image.


This iconic image by Robert Indiana can be found in different colours in different places. I have seen it in Philadelphia and someone who checks out my Flickr photos saw one in Malaysia.


While I love seeing all the art, I am less enamoured with the flags which only seem to clutter the street.  Installing the standards that hold them must have been done at quite a cost - money far better spent on other things - maybe even more money for the arts!


  1. The dancing Nana is realistic, which makes me laugh! The sculpture of the eight men in the meeting is fun. Looks like they are about to stand up for fighting each other like the Japanese sumo wrestlers do,we say it, crouching.

  2. How enjoyable this open air art museum! I like the powerful Dancing Nina and the beautiful solitary wolf. The sitting people of Meeting made me think they are about to do frog-jump. Imagine how they’d look when jumping with that pose. Thanks for sharing.