Sunday, February 17, 2019

Montreal Winter

Cars in Snow

While we have had a lot of up and down weather this winter, with snow, rain and plenty of ice, we recently had a good old-fashioned snow storm dropping about 40 cm (16") of snow on the city. It is lovely to see the pristine snow, and I was glad I now park my car indoors after many years of outdoor parking.

The Snow Plows Have Been Working

The snow fell from Tuesday into Wednesday and by Wednesday evening, when this photo was taken, most streets were drivable and some sidewalks had already been cleared. We were easily able to take the metro and walk get to a concert by Les Boréades with Alfredo Bernardini which was very enjoyable!

Into Old Montreal

Another day - another concert, this time in Old Montreal - Pallade Musica with Michael Taylor (another wonderful evening) . The old part of the city was looking beautiful dressed in the freshly fallen snow.

Snow Pile

Even the mountains of snow looked lovely in the glow of the lights.

The Buried Bench

I always love to walk along LeRoyer (no cars, silent...). While the path was cleared, the benches were barely visible. It is an oasis of peace in the middle of Old Montreal.

Chatting in the Snow

This is one of my favourite sculptures. It sits near the corner of St-Paul and Marie-Morin. These ladies don't seem to mind their snow bath. The gossiping continues despite the weather. 

On Jacques Cartier Square

Winter can be a magic time in Montreal. Today is perfect - blue skies, white snow - weather that gives energy!


  1. I love your upbeat comments, and your very lovely photography, Susan!

  2. Not even 16" of snow can keep you from concerts! I love seeing the city under a blanket of white. Hope you're well and keeping warm.