Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Calder Exhibit

How Many Fish

I  spent a delightful afternoon (Feb. 17) at the museum (MBAM) wandering through the Calder exhibit. I first heard of Calder back in the 1960s. His sculpture, Trois Disques prominent at Expo 67 and is still on St. Helen's Island. A smaller version now sits in from of the museum.

There is an art to displaying art works and I have to congratulate the curators who came up with the plans for this exhibit. Much of Calder's work is whimsical - the lighting caused the shadows to be, at times, as important as the work. How many fish...

Wire Face

In the early years, Calder liked to work with wire and pliers to bend it into the shapes he envisioned.  The shadow gives us another angle at which to admire this creation.

Escape from the Canvas

I loved this idea of making the canvas three dimensional. And again - the play of the shadows added to the piece.

Positive and Negative

Some of his pieces are quite large. This one played with balance. I enjoyed both the positive and the negative - and the delightful playfulness. I had hoped to get back a second time but the exhibit closes on Friday and I ran out of time.

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