Monday, November 5, 2018

Fall's Frenzy

Beaver Lake
Photo October 14, 2018

In October Mother Nature seems to send a little madness, painting and repainting the trees. A once staid scene in sensible green slowly breaks out into reds, oranges and yellows.

Perfect Day

Each day brings changes. My eyes feast on the riot of colour.


The sun saturates the colours.

Photo: October 26

Ivies join the colour changes before leaving buildings barren.

Sunlight in Autumn

Slowly the yellows predominate, glorious on a sunny day. But grey skies seem to be more frequent.

A Leafy Carpet
Photo: November 3

The magic of autumn is slowly ebbing as grey, rainy days set in. While October featured reds and oranges, the landscape is slowly moving to sepia.


Up on Mount Royal, the fallen leaves carpet the ground. On the first day after changing the clocks it is noticeable how by 3:00 the shadows are long as we enter into a period of early sunsets and long nights.


  1. Susan, your fall was glorious with color. It's too short a season, isn't it? I'm in CA now but Breck got 15" of snow over the weekend. I think it's winter there!

  2. Lovely photos, Susan. You have somehow added a feeling of hope to the early, long - and chilly! - nights!