Sunday, October 21, 2018

Out of the Habit

Piles of Pumpkins
Photo: October 1, 2018

When I posted daily I got into a rhythm of taking photographs, uploading them and then writing. This year I totally lost that habit as you can see by the paltry number of posts. Other things pile up and seem to take precedence and the less I commit to this, the easier it is to put off posting altogether. While I have taken fewer photos, I have still managed to get a number up to Flickr, which is where I have been posting photos since 2005.

Autumn Reflection
Photo: October 1, 2018

Time to stop and reflect... I am not yet ready to totally abandon this blog.

Fattening Up for Winter

A joy this summer into fall has been watching the ducks in the park grow from tiny ducklings into the adult you see here. Soon they will be gone for the winter. 

How to make writing part of my life again? I like the feeling the camera gives me - a chance to stop and observe, to record and remember, to focus in on both the image and the moment. When I was employed in the education field I thought a lot about the importance of consolidating learning through reflection. The blog lets me go back to photographs, to have another period of focusing, of thinking of the story the images tell and how to connect them and for me to connect with the images in a new way.  Food for thought.


  1. Me too! Tuesday is Slice of Life. That’s an easy goal to get started again. You do have amazing photos on Flickr that must have stories to share. I look forward to your inspiration and to join in the writing journey again!

  2. Life gets in the way of so many things that are important - time for reflection, time for close observation, time for soul-searching, time for meditation. We tend to put these things off in favour of shopping for food, meeting friends, taking classes.... and yet, these things are vital for a full and balanced life. Good luck, Susan, getting back to your regular blogging.