Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In the Countryside


I spent a weekend in rural Quebec - mainly playing and listening to music. I did manage a bit of a walk in the countryside - a welcome beginning to a day of sitting.


The auberge where I was staying had a lovely flower garden. Another bonus was it was really off in the country offering perfect night skies for viewing the stars.


This woodpecker made its presence known with its rhythmic pecking at the pole. I hope it found a source of food. I am sure the metal part provided nothing.

Typical Quebec House

The village where the music workshop was held, Saint Camille is tiny, little more than a crossroads. All around it are farms. It's good to get away sometimes, out of one's daily life, out of one's usual setting to devote time to a passion - music.


Concerts were held in a former church. All benefit. The participants enjoyed the bucolic atmosphere and shared their talent. The community enjoyed the music and joined the participants for some social activities. Win - Win


  1. Lovely serene photos - except your Woody friend. They bash on metallic surfaces to establish their territories, especially if they have eggs or baby birds.

  2. The weekend spent with your passion for music and a little walk in such peaceful countryside must have been wonderful. I like the simplicity of the architecture.