Saturday, September 9, 2017

North on the Electric Train

Isle of Man Electric Tram

At one end of the Promenade in Douglas is the electric train station. It was first opened in 1893 and all the cars are somewhat antique. We rode as far as Laxey and switched to the Snaefell train to go to the top of Snaefell mountain. From the top on a good day you are able to see "7 kingdoms" - England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, the heavens the kingdom of ManĂ¡an (the sea) and, of course, the Isle of Man.

On Snaefell Mountain in the clouds

We saw clouds and some tall grasses blowing in the wind.

From the Electric Tram - Sheep Grazing

The views going up and down the mountain were extraordinary - from sheep at the side, and occasionally on the track, to heather covered hills, a lake and out to the sea.

Fuschias Grow Everywhere

Fuchsia bushes, some almost 2 metres high are found along roads and near parts of the railway tracks.

Laxey Wheel

Above you can see the Laxey water wheel, also known as Lady Isabella. "It was built in 1854 to pump water from the Glen Mooar part of the Great Laxey Mines industrial complex". At 22.1 metres it towers over the nearby houses.

Smaller Waterwheel Lady Evelyn

A smaller wheel, the Lady Evelyn, can be found in what is now a park. The area was used in the washing floors as the minerals were sorted.

Wooden Mill in Laxey

The Laxey Woollen Mills continue to weave a variety of fabrics on hand looms. They sell a variety of garments made from their textiles.

Every Colour of Wool

and wool in every colour!


Flowers, stone walls and a sense of humour are all part of the Isle of Man

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  1. I like that dignified antique style of the electric train.