Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Limerick and Cork

King Johns Castle

We spent a couple of days in Adare (more on that later) as a jumping off place from which we explored first Limerick and then Cork. While we enjoyed walking through both cities, they didn't captivate us the way the countryside did.
Above you can see St. Johns Castle (yes - that King John of Robin Hood fame). It was built in the 12th century though the site was used by the Vikings in the tenth century. The Vikings clashed with the local Celtic clans. When the Anglo-Normans arrived they built castles to solidify their position.

Rainy Day in Limerick

There are a number of lovely old stone buildings in Limerick. This was not far from the castle.

Wall Mural

This wall mural was across from the castle. I noticed an ice cream shop nearby and wondered if there was a connection.

River Shannon

Limerick is near the mouth of the Shannon River.

Grey Heron

It is lovely to see the birds on the shore. I believe this is a grey heron. At this point the river is tidal. Our time in Limerick was not helped by a soaking downpour. We stopped for lunch and while in the restaurant the sun came out. As soon as we left the rain started again. We managed to walk along the river, but our exploring was limited.

In Cork

On another day we wandered through Cork.

Olde Sweet Shop

Along the pedestrian street are a number of older stores. I like the old signs and lack of neon. There is character in the lettering.

Hand Lettered

The Irish are not afraid of colour. The sign here was hand lettered - quite a contrast with what they were selling inside.

Painted Utility Boxes

In Cork we also found painted utility boxes. These were outside Bishop Lucey Park.

The Onion Seller

This sculpture of an onion seller was inside the park. It was created by Seamus Murphey.

Hoping for a Handout

I found myself being quite a bird watcher both enjoying those I saw and trying to identify them. This was one of a number of rooks we saw in the park.

Sometimes a Bird Just Has to Dry Off

When we first saw this giant cormorant its wings were stretched out farther and it didn't seem to be moving. I wondered if it was a sculpture. Then is pulled its wings in a bit and moved its head. I guess it just wanted to dry off.

Walking Through Cork

The skies are often grey and most days it rains a bit, so I can sympathize with the need to dry off!


  1. Wow - great detail on the Cormorant! The flower boxes on that stone building are spectacular. I like all the old storefronts.

  2. Such a powerful wall mural! The ice is something strange.