Monday, September 25, 2017

A Spectacular Day

Basalt Columns

Sometimes a day just stands out from others for its surprises, its wonders, its beauty. September 1 was one of those days. We decided to revisit Reynisfjara Beach with its black sand and basalt columns. The wind was stiff and we bundled up with gloves and jackets well zipped.

Black Sand Beach

We had been here three years ago and on a much warmer day - it was nice to see it a little wilder.

Puffins Above the Beach

I was surprised to see some puffins still sitting on the grass above the basalt columns. This time of year they fly out to sea and spend months on the water.

Sea Stacks off Reynisfjara Beach

The sea stacks were slightly shrouded in mist and the waves crashed against them.


The textures of the rock inside the caves were fascinating. After a stop in Vik for lunch we drove east and the climate changed completely.

Mountains Have Interesting Shapes

Mountains seem to display sculptures.

Mountains Rise Beside the Flat Terrain

And in the distance we saw the glacier.

Ice in Iceland

We arrived at our destination: Jökulsárlón - a lagoon at the end of one arm of the glacier. In it floated icebergs which had broken off from the glacier. It was jaw-dropping beautiful.

Birds Perch

I'll let the images speak for themselves.

Seals in the Lagoon

Swimming Through the Lagoon

Icebergs in Jökulsárlón

Textured Iceberg

We went to a second lagoon: Fjallsárlón - not quite as dramatic but beautiful nonetheless.

Fresh Ice

A Toe of the Vatnajolkull Glacier

The Edge of the Ice

Days don't get much better than this!


  1. Wow!!Amazing! Susan. Nature has so many beautiful spots and this is one of them!Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow - spectacular photos, Susan. The top rock formation is gigantic when compared with those teeny people at its base. Those crystal-blue glacier photos are amazing.

  3. I remember your trip to Iceland a few years ago. Good for you to be able to return there. I got in love with Iceland, too. Its nature is so wild and beautiful. The glacier photos are stunning.