Wednesday, July 12, 2017

In the Laurentians

By Lake MacDonald

Every summer I spend a week at CAMMAC, a music camp in the Laurentians. While most years I post photos of all the activities, this year I decided to just post photos of the many moments of peace that being in nature provides.


The daily schedule is quite hectic with classes, practice time, concerts ... so it is important to steal moments of tranquility, like this moment at twilight when the moon could be seen overhead.


This bell has been a fixture at the camp. It is rung to call the participants to concerts and other events.


Many swimmers take advantage of the lake - some even doing a cross lake swim at 6:30 in the morning. With all the rain we have had the water is very high and the small beach is non-existent.

Bursting Out

Wildflowers abound along the road. I like to walk up the road to get a little quiet away from the bustle of the camp. You can always hear sound during the day on the campsite as people spend time practising for the following day.


This dragonfly also took a moment to relax.

Grass Stalk

Walking an focusing - a form of meditation. Taking time to notice the details around us.

Morning Sun on the Water

Early morning sun reflects on the lake. There is something about being by the water that is calming.

And More Rain

Even rain can bring moments of contemplation. The sound, the feeling that being quietly indoors is enough.

Viola da Gamba

Music was never far from the many moments of the day. Music, too, has its way of replenishing the soul.


  1. The photos really show what special place this is. Nourishes the soul with the beauty of the surroundings - which in turn most probably stimulate and allow for the creation of the beautiful sounds. Lovely!

  2. Hello,Susan,
    You must have had a wonderful music camp。I imagine how quietly the music sounded over the water.Your post reminded me of one of my fond memories as i was a music college student. Every summer, students gathered at summer camp for practice at the Yamanaka lake beach, which is on the foot of the Mt.Fuji ,the tallest mountain in Japan. I did not swim but enjoyed boating in the early morning. The bell and the flowers are beautiful. I agree with you, I like the moments rain can bring. What an artistic musical instrument you have shown us.So beautiful!!
    Have a good day!

  3. Susan, I'm just catching up with some of your posts. I was hardly on the computer this summer. I always love the photos from camp. My favorite in this batch is the early morning sun on the water. It's raining here today - washing the air and rinsing the aspens of their gold.