Saturday, May 13, 2017

Up in Summit Woods

The Forest Floor Sprouts Yellow

After days of rain and chilly temperatures growth is once again speeding up. Up on Summit Woods the early spring flowers have woken up. Their time here is short. Once the leaves open on the trees, these flowers will die off for another year. The dog toothed violets (a.k.a. trout lilies) were open in profusion.

Trout Lily or Dog Toothed Violet

Their bright yellow colour advertises to insects to quickly come and pollinate them so they can grow another year.

Trilliums Find a Spot to Grow

From wide open spaces to little niches, the trilliums pop up.

Trilliums Springing Up

They carpet the forest floor. It is their moment of glory - short-lived but grand.

A Protected Space

The forest is constantly regeneration, from decay comes new growth.

Stopping to Rest

We saw a number of these butterflies flitting around. They rest with their wings wide open. I believe they are mourning cloak butterflies.

Basking in the Sun

For moments the sun shone. Spring is upon us.

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