Sunday, May 21, 2017

Blossom Time

It is Blossom Time

It's that spectacular time of year when each day looks different. Two hot days brought speedy growth. The blossoms seemed to grow in just days.

Profusion of Blossoms

Each tree has its own shade of pink.


Each tree comes to life at its own rhythm. Some have leaves that are almost full, others blossoms and some are just starting to send out the first signs of leaves.

Tulips Wide Open in the Heat

On one of our hot days (Wednesday and Thursday the temperature went up to 30°C) the tulips opened wide. Some closed up again as a cold front came through. Tulip season is not long here. Spring brings rapid change before settling in to the lushness of summer.

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  1. Your mid-May looks like my mid-April. Blossoming trees are spectacular in your photos. Rainy season has set in in my part of the world.