Thursday, January 5, 2017


Sitting in Winter

Ah - back to just blogging when I feel like it, when the spirit moves me. This blog is not dead - I just need breathing space. Time to notice and not feel driven. I loved the winter light. Although this person is probably looking at her phone, I imagined sitting and reading. It wasn't quite warm enough to sit for long, but I liked the idea of being so hooked on a book that even a few minutes to read just a couple of pages could justify sitting in the cold. Stolen moments of pleasure.

Winter Finery

Winter provides such moments of beauty. While it is a challenging season, it is also glorious. Trees wearing their snowy finery... and those moments when the sun lights it all up. While freezing rain can strike terror in a walker, the spectacle of the sun on ice coated branches turns everything into a scene from a fairy tale. I've learned to dress for the cold and to go out and enjoy it. Yes there are days when the weather feels daunting, but there are so many days that provide unparalleled beauty.


  1. I love your photos and your writing. Always a pleasure when a new blog post notice arrives via FB!

  2. Lovely photos,Susan. You captured such beautiful moments. It is cold here, but snow has not come. I am going to be back blogging soon.Stay warm!