Friday, January 27, 2017


Snow and Mist

There is a stillness that happens when snow falls. Sound is muffled. I found myself driving slowly to take in the beauty. I wished I could stop more as each tree seemed to be more photogenic than the last, but there was nowhere to pull over.

Grey Day

All has turned to shades of grey - a monotone palette. So many grey days in a row.

Holding the Snow in Their Arms

For now the grime of a city is covered up with the clean new-fallen snow. The trees seem to embrace their winter whites.


  1. Such great beauties!!!! Only photos express that beauty...!
    Be careful driving, and take photos of snow scenes again,Susan.

  2. What beautiful monochromatic world! I feel cold, bracing air and hear the sound of silence. I especially like the third photo. Looks like you had continuous snowy days. Snowfall is rare in Nara, but fortunately I had a chance to photograph snowy Nara Park.