Friday, January 13, 2017

Grey Day

Misty Day

Our up and down winter brought a misty rain and fog. Everything seemed to be grey.

Through the Mist

Parts of the landscape disappeared in a haze.

Rain on the Car Window

Just a few minutes parked and my car window was dotted with drops.

Drips and Drops

Drops hung like pearls on branches.

Water Drops

Like amber, they capture the branches around them. Beauty can be found even on the greyest of days.


  1. What a beautiful stillness in the misty snow. My eyes rest in the grey day.
    There is something happiness in those drops. Yes they are pretty pearls!
    Stay warm,Susan.

  2. I agree beauties can be found even on the greyest days and how even the simplest things can produce the most beautiful scenes. The car window image is interesting and droplets photos are equitably beautiful.