Saturday, August 27, 2016

What is a Makerspace to You

What is a Maker Space

Photos: August 26, 2016

I was part of a team that worked with teachers at a school to help them envision how they would like to incorporate "making" into their teaching as well as the philosophy behind it. Early in the day they were asked to create an artifact to show what a makerspace would look like to them. The variety of responses was wonderful. The one above talked about questioning and many diverse hands working together to build something.

What is a Maker Space2

This represented a peaceful place where growth could happen.

Words for a Makerspace

And here are some words that need to be part of making - that can be viewed from different perspectives.

Representation of Makerspace

These are just some of the representations - some were more concrete, some abstract, some were metaphors for the ideas. All were asked to complete the same task but in an open-ended way leading to this huge variety of ways of looking at the concept.

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  1. A high school librarian I know commented recently that she was under pressure to create a maker space in her library. She wondered whether the trend is simply a response to kids needing recess and/or down time. I'm still thinking about this.