Saturday, August 6, 2016

Port aux Basque to Rocky Harbour

Astolabe sculpture

Photos: August 1, 2016

The ocean is what defines Newfoundland. The original inhabitants lived by the sea. Next came the seafarers - Norse, European and eventually the settlers. Two mariner's astrolabes, tools for navigation,  were found on ship wrecks near Port au Basques. This is a sculpture - a copy of one of them dating from 1628 and made in Portugal.

Cod Tongues

We set off for Rocky Harbour, stopping in Corner Brook to stock up on a few groceries.

These are cod tongues. My father served in Gander during the Second World War. He was an engineer and was helping to build the airport. He had talked about cod tongues as a great Newfoundland delicacy. As a child I thought he was joking. On my last trip to Newfoundland I often found them on the menu served with scrunchions (fried salt pork). I can’t say they are a favourite of mine, but they are not bad at all.

Rocky Harbour

Rocky Harbour is one of the towns in Gros Morne Park. It is long and narrow, hugging the coast around the bay. It is perfectly located to enjoy the park, near many of the hiking trails and other sights.

Sunset at Rocky Harbour

And it is a great place to enjoy a sunset.

Grasses in the Sunset

Bird on the Golden Water

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