Sunday, August 21, 2016

Our Last Day in Newfoundland

Walking by the Stream

Photos: August 17, 2016

We headed towards Stephenville in search of a trail that led to some petrified wood. According to the Newfoundland guide
"This is the oldest known fossil bed of mountain trees that produced seeds more than 305 million years ago. Newfoundland was part of a much larger continental mass and was much further south than today, so the trees grew in a tropical climate and towered to over 160 feet. It is believed that these fossils are rare and represent the first trees that grew on slopes – a major event regarding the evolution of trees in the world"

Petrified Wood

This is what we found. There were a number of small pieces scattered among other rocks.

Petrified Wood

and a bit more...

Yellow flowers

I continue to marvel at the persistence of nature to flourish in even somewhat hostile places.

Purple Flower

If anyone knows the names of either of these I would love to know, too.

The rains descended on us - we went to a Mi'kmaq museum (out of the rain) and then headed on to Port aux Basques. Second trip to Newfoundland and we never saw a moose!

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