Monday, August 8, 2016

On the Road to Plum Point

Foggy Morning

Photos: August 5, 2016

A fog greeted us in the morning creating a symphony in blues.

Arches II

We drove up the coast and stopped at the Arches Provincial Park where on the shore were these beautiful arches carved by the water.

Arches V

The weather was windy and the water was rushing in.


Many of the trees in Newfoundland, particularly those near the coast are stunted and often leaning. Tuckamore is the name given to evergreen trees that are stunted by difficult growing conditions - wind, poor soil, salt air. Here they hug the hill.

Wind-stripped Trees

Some don't survive but their skeletons stand, stripped of bark by the weather.

Lighthouse at Point Riche

We made our way to Port au Choix where we saw an interesting exhibit about the first peoples who inhabited Newfoundland before the Europeans came. A stop at the Point Riche lighthouse in the winds - which are almost constant in this area. The soil is very poor and much of the land is barren. The lighthouse was built in 1882 and it is still in use.

Island Gentian

A few flowers (very low ones) survive - some are quite rare. These are gentians. Others like Long's Braya are endangered as they grow in very few places.

Caribou at Port au Choix

We were lucky to see some caribou grazing. They did not seem perturbed by our presence, though we did keep our distance.


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  1. You saw arctic gentians! The saying here at altitude is that when the arctic gentians bloom it's 6 weeks until snow. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to see some, too. I pretend that I don't!