Monday, August 15, 2016

Northern Most Part of the Northern Peninsula


Photos: August 12, 2016

The views around L'Anse aux Meadows are amazing. The stunted trees do not impede long views. The many inlets and coves provide interest.

L'Anse aux Meadows

In every direction, from sea to mountains, the vistas open up.

Norstead Viking Village

We spent some time at Norstead, a reconstruction of parts of a Viking port village. Why Viking? Because evidence was found of a Norse settlement not far from here. It is believed that this area is where Leif Ericsson landed and set up camp. More about this in the next post.

And the Sun Came Out

The weather changes constantly. And the wind is a constant near the shore.

A Windy Evening

In the evening we drove to the community of L'Anse aux Meadows for dinner. The clouds had shifted letting the sun through.

Leif Ericsson

This statue of Leif Ericsson stands at the small harbour, looking out to the ocean the Norsemen crossed to get here.

Music in the Restaurant

There was some live music in the restaurant.We had hoped for some Newfoundland music, but heard quite a variety of popular (from other eras) and country songs.

At the Mussel Festival

He appeared again at the Mussels Festival taking place in St. Lunaire-Griquet.

Warming Up by the Fire

The night was chilly but there was a fire to keep us warm. We stayed a short while before the rain chased us away.


  1. Fabulous! Just returned from a 10 day visit there with Judy, a cousin and my brother who lives in St. John's. Did not get up to the furthest point this trip but did see a lot of gorgeous Newfoundland!!

  2. Wow - I like the fire photo, Susan. I'm trying to figure out what a snap pea pancake is.