Monday, August 8, 2016

Norris Point

Norris Point

Photos: August 4, 2016

Some days are meant to be quiet days - time to enjoy the view and not feel any need to travel distances or cross items off a bucket list of things to see. A time to admire the reflections and reflect on the surroundings. A drive to Norris Point where we stopped at the harbour. Sometimes when you stop and just look you are rewarded with unexpected delights - in this case a whale breaching in the bay. - no photo but a good memory.

Overlooking the Bay

Norris Point is located where the two arms of Bonne Bay meet. The strait between the two is called a tickle in Newfoundland.

In Norris Point

St. John's, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador has many houses in different colours. While this is not as prevalent in the western part of the province, there are some to be found.

House on a Hill

Some of the houses are quite weather-worn. A door on the second story without a balcony or stairs is known as a mother-in-law door.

In a Garden

Newfoundland weather can be quite gray. It is not unusual to see brightly coloured chairs in front of homes. For that matter - it is not unusual to see bright, plastic flowers in cemetaries, on top of or in front of grave stones. Anything to brighten things up.


As in other rural areas - one can always find folk art.

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