Monday, August 22, 2016

From Woodstock New Brunswick to St-Jean-Port-Joli

 Clapboard House

Photos: August 20, 2016

Sometimes a town surprises you. We stopped in Woodstock, New Brunswick and were surprised by the charm of the town. There are a number of older wood homes that have retained the history. In the centre of town are a beautiful library and court house. Despite the fact that some larger stores have opened on the outskirts nearer the highway, the centre seems to still be vibrant.

Yellow House

We walked around after a lovely breakfast at the local cafe / art gallery: Creek Village Gallery and Cafe (I also parted with a bit of money there supporting local artists with my purchase).
And then it was back in the car.

This is no Joke

We stopped in St-Louis-du-Ha!Ha! and only found a bar - liquid refreshment (non-alcoholic) before we continued on. Yes - that is really the name of the town. According to Wikipedia!_Ha!

The Commission de toponymie du Québec asserts that the parish's name refers to nearby Lake Témiscouata, the sense of haha here being an archaic French word for an unexpected obstacle or abruptly ending path...
Or read this

The Shoreline

Our destination was St-Jean-Port-Joli, a town known for wood sculpture by local artisans. We enjoyed a little climb down to the shoreline. The town sits on what was once the seigneury of Port-Joly.

There is a restaurant we like here: La coureuse des grèves. The name comes from a legend which goes something like this:

Each summer in St-Jean-Port-Joli, a beautiful young woman with black hair and eyes the colour of the forest would bring gifts to the fishermen who arrived from the four corners of the world - berries, a loaf of bread, nuts, honey... It seems her home was full of wondrous things from around the world even though she had never left the town. Then one autumn she disappeared. Some say she left with a fisherman from the Far East. Others said she drowned. The local fishermen mourned her disappearance. The women rejoiced and hoped she would never return.

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