Wednesday, August 17, 2016

From St. Lunaire-Griquet to Cow Head

Old Fishing Shed

Photos: August 14, 2016

The sky was so clear you could see for many kilometers - right across the strait to Labrador. With binoculars we could see the lighthouse we had visited just a few days earlier.

Cable Laying Ship

The perspective on this photograph is off, but this is the ship we think we saw from the Labrador coast. It looks near, but is out in the strait. We think it is the ship that is laying cable across the strait as part of the Muskrat Falls hydro-electric project.  The little strip of blue it sits on is actually the Strait of Belle Isle and may be about 30 km wide here (I have found very conflicting articles about the width of the strait). The land behind is Labrador.

Flowers Cove Lighthouse on a Clear Day

We passed by Flowers Cove again - this time on a sunny day. The lighthouse looked crisp in the clear air.

Cow Head Heads

Our destination for the day was Cow Head. We went for a hike on the peninsula. These are Cow Head heads at at the amphitheatre.

View Towards Cow Head and the Long Range

There are great views along the way. Here we were looking back to the community of Cow Head with the Long Range Mountains in the background.

Cow Head Lighthouse

This lighthouse is no longer in use, but its exterior is maintained.


Berries grow in abundance here. I think these are bunchberries.

Indian Pipe or Ghost Plants

I had never seen these flowers before. They are called Indian Pipes or Ghost Plants. It seems they are edible in small quantities.

Sunset at Cow Head

With so much coast, weather-permitting there are always lovely sunsets to end the day.

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  1. What a lovely sunset, Susan! My friend in MT just posted photos of the ghost plant. I've never seen it in CO. I like the colorful structures you're photographing.