Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Exploring up the Coast

The Marjorie Bridge

Photos: August 7, 2016

We drove up the coast to Flowers Cove. It was a short hike, over the bridge, which was erected about 100 years ago, to see something that can only be seen in a few places in the world.

Thrombolites at Flowers Cove

These are thrombolites. To quote the sign nearby "These are critically endangered microbial structures. Thrombolites-building micro-organisms resemble the earliest forms of life on earth." It seems they exist in Australia as well.


They feel like rock.

A Little Ecosystem

All along the path and even amid some of the thrombolites, there are wild flowers.  They thrive amid the rocks.

Beach Pea

I think these are beach peas.

Newfoundland Pond

Newfoundland is dotted with lakes and ponds. Some just seem to sit in a grassy area in a flat meadow, field or bog. Many have not even trees around them.

Fragile Growth in the Cracks

We went walking on White Stones trail which led to this area with limestone blocks. In the cracks a variety of plants grew but due to the lack of nutrients, they were stunted. There are flowers that grow in parts these poor soil conditions that do not grow elsewhere.

Tiny Growth

Little ecosystems thrived in small spaces.

Growing Near the White Stones

Trees which may be many years old, barely grow. Their branches may have life only on the very tips.

This is a Tree

This is a tree growing horizontally instead of vertically, totally stunted, but still alive.


We spotted lichen and mosses growing together.

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