Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cow Head to Woody Point

Breccias at Cow Head

Photos: August 15, 2016

We started our day with a hike to the beach. Indentations in the rock hold mini pools.

Flowers Grow in Inhospitable Places

Flowers manage to grow amid the pebbles.

On the Head of Cow Head

Some of the rock seems to be formed of many small rocks.


There is a small community on the peninsula as well as a fish plant.

Newfoundland Houses

Some houses are clad in bright colours.

Cow Head Peninsula

Others have faded.

Woody Point Lighthouse

We drove to Woody Point in Gros Morne park on the other side of Bonne Bay from where we had stayed on the way up north. You can see Gros Morne mountain in the background to the right of the lighthouse.

Seagull and its Young

We took a lovely walk along the shore. At one point we heard a constant high pitched peeping sound. It was a juvenile seagull in the company of its mother.

Seagull Feeding its Young

The mother would stop and feed its young whose peeping was quite insistent.

On Bonne Bay

The views in every direction are jaw-dropping.

Woody Point

Woody Point itself is quite charming - it is the most picturesque community in Gros Morne Park.

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  1. What beauty you're visiting. I see the fireweed is growing there. Ours is just starting.