Thursday, August 11, 2016

An Extra

Cow Parsnip

I've been enjoying the wild flowers. A lady suggested this was the toxic giant hogweed, but I did a little research. While giant hogweed has been found in Newfoundland, these flowers: cow parsnip are found everywhere. This article outlines the difference. Cow parsnip is found everywhere in Newfoundland, in many gardens but also growing wild.

Wild Flowers

The flowers glowed in the evening light.


These are quite common - Canadian burnet.

The Shore in the Evening

And to whet your appetite...

Cod Tongues With Scrunchions

Cod tongues with scrunchions and here is the recipe.

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  1. I have one huge plant of Cow Parsnip growing in my yard. I think the seed was deposited by a bird or an animal.