Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ready for December


The scene is changing at Atwater Market. Where once there were flats of flowers, followed by pumpkins, now there are trees springing up and these odd creatures. It is the invasion of the wooden reindeer - a large herd of them.


This year a large moose looks over the area. I'm not sure what its relation is to Christmas. Trees of every size wait for the right customer to bring them home.

Urban Forest

The wrapping machine waits. The air is tinged with the scent of spruce. December is around the corner.


  1. I like to see the way how the Western people prepare for the Christmas or the holiday season. It’s a little like our preparation for the New Year, the most important celebration of the year, with the branches of a pine tree and others.


  2. Hi Susan, It's that time of the year. I see your snow has melted. We have so much snow on the ground - definitely an early start to the snowpack. Bob and I have been dealing with flu-like symptoms for several days. I hope you are well and keeping busy.