Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's Here

Winter White

Snow fell all day yesterday turning everything white. It will melt away again before winter takes hold for good. For now, it is back to boots as I trudge through the slush.

First Snow

I am not tempted to sit a while, though I do stop to admire this changed landscape. Bundled up from head to toe, I am insulated against the cold.


It's funny to think, that while the snow feels cold to me, it in turn insulates the plants below from the cold of winter.


  1. HI Susan, Those first photos remind me of the park I used to frequent in Denver. I just came back from the city - a bit of snow still on the ground there. Here in the mountains, it's winter!

  2. Our mild and warm autumn is going to the chill tonight suddenly, but I can’t expect snow here which is really rare gift from the heaven. Stay warm.