Saturday, August 30, 2014

Walking on Another Planet


Photos: August 9, 2014

A stop at Hveraröndor Hverir is like arriving on another planet. Nothing seems familiar. Much of the area is too hot to walk on. Visitors have to stick to the paths.


Steam gushes out of fumaroles. The wind sends its plume over the area.


The mountain, Námaskarð, steam coming out of its fissures, is a backdrop to this otherworldly terrain.

Burbling Up

Mudpots burble up.

On Another Planet

Minerals leave traces of unusual colours on the ground. The smell of sulphur hovers.

And in the distance - snow

Amidst all this boiling it is odd to look up and see snow on a mountain in the distance.

More pictures at : Iceland and Faroe Islands


  1. Dear Susan - Thank you for this series of post of Iceland. I explored thoroughly through your photos and found Iceland was one of the most attractive countries to me in many points, but if I pick up one, it is lovely simplicity and the nature, which is tremendously awesome and made me feel the pulse of the earth. When I have more time, I’ll return to these posts.


  2. Wow!!! Did you walk here?!!
    I have no words to say. Just wonderful. I have learned from your photos that our planet is a such mysterious and enormous life.