Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Earth Breathes and Water Rushes

Strokkur 2

Photos: August 1, 2014

Nothing quite prepared me for seeing a geyser shoot up. This one, Strokkur, erupts about every ten minutes. It is near the geyser that gave all geysers their name: Geysir (it only erupts rarely now). The height of each eruption varies, but each is astonishing. A column of boiling hot water shoots up, then falls leaving steam in the air. Much of the earth around is hot with steam venting out of holes. We had to walk on marked paths.

Steam Coming from the Field

There is a slight sulphur smell in the air.

Bubbling Up

Smaller pools bubble and send up small eruptions. Warnings state the water is between 80°C and 100°C - the boiling point.

A short drive away we stopped to walk to Gullfoss, an impressive waterfall. The view from the parking lot went all the way to Langjökull - the nearby glacier.

Looking Towards the Glacier

With few trees we can see long and wide.


We walked down the path to Gullfoss, a waterfall that tumbles in two stages, first a smaller drop and then a long drop to the river below. Mist (now cool water droplets, not the steam of the geyser) rises high above the falls.


A last stop that day was to Skogar folk museum where, among other things, they have relocated some houses representative of the way people lived in the past.

Skogur Museum

These sod roofed houses and sheds kept the cold out.

These and more photos: Iceland Album


  1. What wonders of geology and water! I can hear the crashing of the waterfall. It's a big one!

  2. What a wonderful trip you had, Susan. Just Great!!