Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reykjavik I

Public Art

Photos: July 30, 2014

Travel is great, but a flight that lasts a little over 4 hours, leaves Halifax at 10:00 and arrives at 5:15 Iceland time does not leave much time for sleep. Our hotel thought they would have a room ready by 10:00 am. So we walked to find some coffee.

Street Reflections

Much of Reykjavik feels new. We were not right in the centre of the city - buildings looked relatively recently constructed. The city gives the impression of being a modest place.

On Laugavegur

We walked along Laugavegar, the main shopping street. The stores carried common sense clothing, not high fashion. I loved the brightly painted benches and picnic tables.

Pack Horses

And there is a lot of public art. This piece honoured the many horses of Iceland, many of which were used as pack horses before cars and trucks could haul goods.

Through the Window

This was the view from our hotel (through a somewhat smudged window). The sun was setting, but it never really got dark at night.


  1. My dentist just loves Reykjavik. He mentions lots of greenbelts and parks. That first sculpture is so interesting - it looks weightless! I'm glad to be traveling with you.