Friday, August 22, 2014

Puffins Rocks and More


Photos: August 2, 2014

My original notion was not more than five photos from each day. But each day brought such beauty, such surprises, that I have not been able to stick to that. We spent part of the morning at Dyrhóleay where it is easy to watch the puffins. They nest on the cliffs, including on the sea stacks.

Sea Stack

They are constantly taking off to find food and landing with their bright orange feet reaching out as if putting on the brakes.

Black Sand at Dyrhóleay

The sand in the area is black. Water has carved out caves in the basalt. You can walk along the beach, in and out of caves.

Basalt Columns

A little farther along we stopped at Reynisfjara where the basalt columns look like a giant pipe organ. The textures in the nearby rock are fascinating.

Rock Formations

And farther up the cliffs - more puffins.


Reynesdrangar - a sea stack out in the water. Incredible beauty everywhere we looked.

More photos can be found at: Iceland Album on flickr

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  1. How fabulous to see those black sand beaches and the sea stacks. That photo of the Puffin is a keeper - it needs to be printed and put in a frame!