Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On the Road in Iceland

Lava Field

Photos: July 31, 2014

We picked up a car to start our touring of the southern part of Iceland. In much of Iceland you see lava fields. This was our first chance to walk on one. The look of the field is difference depending on how long the lava has been there.

Beach at Eyrarbakki

Beaches can have black sand. Boulders are everywhere. I am always amazed at how plant life finds a way to thrive.

In Eyrarbaki

This was taken in Eyrarbakki, at one time a busy port. It is from here that Bjarni Herjólfsson, the first European to sight North America set sail. He then sold his boat to Lief Ericsson...

Near our Guesthouse on Route 36

The air is pristine. Waters too. Fishing is great, we were told.

View from our window

With few trees, views are long. And the sun (when it can be seen) stays low in the sky for a long time, casting beautiful golden light. Around every corner there is beauty.

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  1. The lava fields and boulder-strewn beaches look difficult to navigate. I'd love to experience that golden light.