Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mývatn Waterfalls and more


Photos: August 10-11, 2014

Our day started with a visit to waterfalls. The weather was bleak, foggy with off and on rain. Selfoss is a picturesque waterfall, curving from bank to bank.


Detifoss, a little further along the river, thunders down. Its bottom can't be seen but its force can be heard. Great plumes of water droplets leap up. It was hard to know if it was raining or if the droplets were showering us.

Birds and Pseudocrater

Lake Mývatn is teeming with water fowl. No sailing is allowed on the lake during breeding season. And the lake and its shores are dotted with pseudocraters. These small islands and hills by the water have indentations like craters, but they were formed by steam explosions when lava met water.


A great variety of ducks can be seen.

Near Lake Mývatn

Around parts of the lake are interesting lava formations.

More photos: Iceland and Faroe Island album


  1. I love those waterfall photos - the monochromatic look with that bit of greenery is great!

  2. Great photos, Susan. I always like your soft and natural colors in your photos!