Sunday, August 17, 2014



So much to catch up on. My three weeks of silence were spent travelling. I am just back today and starting to deal with far too many photographs. We started our trip in Halifax on our way to Iceland. Halifax, in Nova Scotia is on the Atlantic Ocean. Many boats, ships, and stories of ships.

A Colourful Street

Like many maritime cities, there seems to be a love of colour. Maybe it is necessary to stand out in the fog that the sea air brings.

In the Fog

It is a great city for walking (the hills keep you in shape).
more to come...


  1. I'd love to visit Nova Scotia some day. I just love foggy places by the ocean!

  2. I have blog friends from Nova Scotia. I love the framing of the two boats you photographed. Sounds as though you had a wonderful journey. (Now, are you ready to go back to school?)

  3. When I think of Nova Scotia, I always associate with a novelist Montgomery! What a charming place Nova Scotia is!