Saturday, February 1, 2014

Former Post Office

Former Post Office by susanvg
Former Post Office, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Change - the needs of a city change with new technologies, and all the ways things evolve. This beautiful old post office building has not been a post office for quite some time. It evolved into a small mall and offices for a short while and now the whole building houses a wine company. Post offices are closing becoming counters in pharmacies and now our federal government has decided to slowly stop door-to-door service, opting to install outdoor boxes.

I feel sorry for all the shut ins, the young parents with kids who may have to dress them in winter and trudge out in the snow to get their mail and those with disabilities. And what about anyone with a short-term illness - the flu or whatever? In addition there are parts of the city where there is barely place to install these units. Snow clearance is already a challenge with parking meters etc. We don't need more clutter near our sidewalks.

Change - we have to accept it - but not when it is a step backwards!

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