Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Cold Start to the Year

Untitled by susanvg
Untitled, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Brrr - January 1 and the temperatures keep going down. On Tuesday I bundled up with several layers (long underwear is my friend) and walked to do my errands. With no wind it was bearable, but now...

And Colder

I just checked the weather site.

I don't think my many layers will suffice - too many layers and you can't move fast enough to stay warm! It's cozy in my home - (though I will venture out later by car to play music with friends) with a nice cup of coffee. 

Wishing all my friends, both those I know face to face and those I know virtually through their photographs and words good health in 2014. May you continue to spread the warmth of your friendship!


  1. Stay warm, Susan - those temps are brutal! It was minus 11 (wind chill) here this AM, so I didn't downhill ski. Remember my folly last year when I started my skin turmoil by freezing it? I'm attempting to be more prudent!

  2. I feel for you in that frigid air - think warmth! :)

  3. I have heard about the violent frigid cold of North America on TV news. Lots of snow in the northern part of Japan but in my part of Japan, the highest temperature was 6 degrees C on the coldest day so far. Stay warm and drive carefully on the icy road.