Thursday, September 5, 2013


Splash by susanvg
Splash, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: September 1, 2013

A walk in Parc-de-l'Ile-Bizard is always a delight. You never know what you will see, but there is always a variety of wildlife. The ducks were splashing around.

Duck Baths

Perhaps it was the heat of the day that had them splashing and preening.


It is always the herons that take my breath away. They are so long and lean - their shape changing as their position changes.  There were two hanging around.

Checking the Terrain

One of them landed on the boardwalk which stretches over the marsh and strutted along. Then he hopped up onto the railing to survey the terrain.

In Flight

The wingspan is large. This one flew over the water. At one point they both took off and flew over the boardwalk. I just stood and watched. It was so majestic. Sometimes you just have to look without a camera!


Red Reminders

Cooler days are coming. Changes are starting to be more evident. But on this walk, the sun had not lost its summer warmth. Some of the wildlife is a little less obvious. Camouflage keeps predators at bay.


  1. Hi, Susan!
    Love to see those ducks splashing! Hello, a cute frog. I have found you in the pond!!

  2. Don't the herons look prehistoric? I would have missed that frog if Tomoko hadn't seen it!

  3. You made me want to walk around my favorite park with a pond. Splashing is fun on hot days, even only to see. Very rarely, my September 5 might have been cooler than yours. Long, fierce heat wave stopped suddenly to return to our usual summer after torrential rains at the end of August. Mornings and evenings are getting cooler. The season change is happening in invisible things in the air.