Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What is CAMMAC

Playing for the Dancing by susanvg
Playing for the Dancing, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: Week of July 1, 2013
I've written about CAMMAC before - my yearly trip to my Shangri-La - Early Music Week.

Music, nature, friendship, laughter, freedom from responsibilities... with people from different parts of Canada, the US (one woman drove all the way up from Kentucky) and even Europe. Classes and concerts move back and forth from French to English, but most of all to the language of music we all share.

Baroque Dance

Evening concerts by the staff are of the highest caliber. And the audience is probably one of the most appreciative - with avid Early Music buffs in every seat.

The Jogger

The teachers throw in a lot of fun at the concerts, without diminishing the high level of their performance. Here is a recorder quartet performing The Jogger by by Dick Koomans (after jogging in and doing a few stretches)


The week swirls by. It is always hard to go back to reality, to say goodby to the many CAMMAC friends who live in other places. I have very good friends I met at CAMMAC, including my spouse! And we are lucky enough to be able to continue playing music together all year round.


You can read other posts I have written over the years about CAMMAC here


  1. Over already - I know you look forward to it. I didn't realize you met your husband there. You had a bit of music heaven for a week!

  2. Thanks for the beautiful reminders! I was so happy to spend a week there this year, with you, many friends new and old plus all the GREAT teachers.