Thursday, July 25, 2013

On a Walk

Little Pond by susanvg
Little Pond, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: July 24, 2013

With cooler weather my walks have resumed - up the hills and through the parks. It's quite a climb to get up to The Boulevard and then I snaked my way down through this hillside park.

View from the Park

My friend J. reminds me that we live on an island. It's important to see the river. So I stop to catch a glance. The air is clear as I can see long past the river to the mountains in the distance.

Lawn Bowling

My walk takes me past the lawn bowlers, dressed nattily in their pristine whites. The grass is perfectly manicured to prevent unintended curves of the ball's path.

Crinkly Leaves

I pass by glorious gardens, some with plants I can't identify. These crinkly leaves caught my attention.

This angel hovers over the soldier - a memorial to the war dead. It made me think of The Book Thief, though this anger does not appear as cynical as the angel of death in the book.

From here it was a quick trip to the bank and then a walk home. More than 3 miles in today's walk!

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  1. Beautiful! I see you walking in the cool and stillness.