Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monarch on Clover

Monarch on Clover by susanvg
Monarch on Clover, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Photos: July 27, 2013
Who knows how much longer we will see these beautiful butterflies flitting among the flowers. Their numbers have been declining. Their wintering grounds are threatened by logging. They certainly added a flash of colour to my walk - this time with a friend along the water in Lachine


The milkweed is blooming. This is where the butterflies lay their eggs so the newly hatched caterpillars have food to grow on. It is miraculous to me that these creatures fly such enormous distances to places they have never been. Those that are born here have never been to the wintering grounds in Mexico. Those born in Mexico have never been here, yet each year they know just where to go.

Heron in the Water

We were lucky to spot of a heron. It caught some dinner while we watched - a concentrated look at the water, followed by a quick stab down and then it swallowed its catch.

Canada Geese

A family of Canada Geese swam close to shore. The young are almost the size of the parents now. They have time to gain strength before their flight south.

A great day for a walk!

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