Saturday, July 20, 2013

Early in the Day

Early in the Day by susanvg
Early in the Day, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
We have had a spate of hot, humid weather with some violent thunder showers. I'm a cool weather person and tend to stay indoors when the temperate soars. For those who think in Fahrenheit, 33 is about 91F and with the humidity it felt like much more.

The Rain Decended

Later in the day a wall of rain came down, creating ponds in the road.

Water Spouted out of the Manhole

Manhole covers spouted water. One near us was pushed partway off the hole it was meant to cover. Fortunately it was quickly put back in place by the city workers.

This cycle of high heat and humidity was repeated (July 19), but with a less violent storm.

Storm Brewing          Storm Clouds

These pictures were taken just before the rain started. We now have great views into the distance. The lightning provided a dramatic light show. Finally the heat has broken and we expect several days of pleasant summer weather.

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  1. I had thought hot and humid weather was ours not yours till now. I’m a cool weather person, too. I welcome late afternoon squall as only rain can soften the heat. Wish you rested in the cool spell.