Saturday, February 9, 2013

Out in the Cold

Out in the Cold by susanvg
Out in the Cold, a photo by susanvg on Flickr.
Our hardy sculptures don't mind the cold. This computer whiz sits out day and night, winter and summer, engrossed in his screen, fast food sustaining him. His concentration is such that the squirrel has managed to take his share from the bag.

Squirrely Thief

Here is a detail of the sculpture - frozen in time in more ways than one. I was not willing to linger long. The wind was whipping up the snow creating a feeling of cold that was colder than the thermometer indicated. I'll have to go back in warmer weather to find the artist's name. S/he deserves to be acknowledged.

I was back in the area today in much nicer weather. It reminded me that revisiting (art, books, films) always provides another layer of understanding. Here's what I found. The sculpture is by Cedric Loth and was done in 2011. And what is the boy so intent on? Here is the computer screen:

detail of sculpture

which in English means: Steve Jobs is dead. 1955-2011.


  1. A surprise ending to your find!

  2. Very interesting. I feel a little bit sad though.

  3. I really like these lifelike statues. The detail is amazing! Great find. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello, I know the artist well so I can tell you a little bit more. Don't miss Cédric's website at , his humourous bronze sculptures of fisherman are stunning. He works with the lost wax technique, that explains the high level of detail.

    This sculpture his entitled « La leçon (The lesson). » It was commissionned in the spring 2011 by the president of Viavar Capital, Mr. André Courtemanche, an art lover who wanted students to have a place to sit besides the staircase of his office building! For those who haven't seen it yet, « La leçon » is located right in front of McGill University, on Sherbrooke Street West at the corner of McGill College Avenue.

    While Cédric was working, Steve Jobs died and as a designer fond of Mac Cédric could not helped but being sad and wanting to pay hommage to Mr. Jobs. So as a result, the student is so stunned by the impact of Mr. Job's death that he forgets his lunch.

    Short bio

    Born in St-Jérôme in May 1955, Cédric Loth is a award-winning creative director in advertising. He left the Montreal advertising industry in 2008 to devote all his time to sculpture and painting. He sculpts on commission either in bronze or stainless steel.

    Here is link to a Youtube video where you can see one of his sculpture being cast in bronze :

    If you love illustration, don't miss Cédric's work at Restaurant Chez Lévesque on Laurier Street, all the inside signage, graphic theme etc. are his As a matter of fact, due to popular demand, the posters «giclées» might be on sale very soon.

    Cédric is also a former graphic novels artist. His graphic novel Atlantic City was nominated at the 2004 Montreal Book show as one of the 25 most influental graphic novel in the last 25 years.

    Voilà! If you know a good art gallery that might like to showcase his art or would love to commission a sculpture or some illustration (he still freelances), please get in contact with me at


    Have a great day!

    is one of the first in Quebec to be published in France (Métal Hurlant