Sunday, October 21, 2012

Natural Gems


Autumn bring out the spiders. Lacy webs show up in the garden, on windows, wherever these arachnids think they will be successful at luring their prey. Tiny gems decorated these fine filaments. No jeweler could replicate this delicate creation.

Spider's Handiwork

If one could it would be his or her masterpiece yet, for a spider, this is just one of many.

I love the seasons that bring these ephemeral events - leaves that one day shout to be admired, lie drying on the ground the next. Fall is a season of celebration. Thanks, Mother Nature, for your daily delights!

Shining Red


  1. Gorgeous shots - whatever the season! Enjoy!

  2. What a delicate capture - the web is bejeweled. I have a crimson bush in front of the city house. It's been giving me much pleasure this fall.

  3. I can’t agree with you more, Susan, about the lacework by a spider and droplets on it and ephemeral events of autumn. Your photos are fabulous!

  4. So delicate....Looks like tiny pearls!